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Ciara Arts and Science Foundation

Connecting Talent to Opportunity

The Foundation Founders have had successful 30 year careers in business. They have for some time supported minority youth, however, in the formation of their new Family Foundation they will double down on their commitment to help talented children, especially in minority communities, to reach their potential. They will identify underprivileged youth who would like to develop talents in the arts or in academia. They will provide scholarships/grants to these children alongside organizations with similar missions. Finally, the Foundation will fund awareness efforts to encourage minority communities to participate in these important youth programs.

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Our Objectives

• To identify disadvantaged artistic or scientific talent in Central Indiana and North Carolina that require financial support to succeed.

• To identify programs in Central Indiana and North Carolina that support underprivileged artistic or scientific talent.

• To spearhead projects aimed at raising awareness in minority communities of opportunities for their youth.

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Core Values

1. Unlock potential
2. Art and academic success creates direction
3. Our youth is our future
4. Engagement is fundamental


Foundation Pillars

1. Servant Leadership
2. Active engagement in our community

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We assist vulnerable communities by aiding their youth to succeed in arts or science

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